Together, we’re rethinking dementia, reclaiming dignity, and creating quality of life.

Research, Support, and Community

Our research is dedicated to helping individuals and their families find their path forward. We’re here to help you as you navigate life post-diagnosis, as well as pave the way so future generations experience even greater success. If you’re struggling and need support or just have a question, we’re here to help you.

It is possible to have a good quality of life with dementia.

Want to Volunteer for Research Studies?

Everything we’ve discovered about dementia has been made possible because someone volunteered for a research study. If you want to contribute to a deeper, better understanding of dementia symptoms, as well as helping to redefine best practices of care, volunteer for one of our programs today. 

Stories of Dementia

Stories of Dementia

Mid-year, Jim noticed he had difficulty completing tasks he had done for years in his consulting and CNO roles. Neither Nancy nor their family physician saw any changes. But as the year progressed, he noticed more changes and was referred to a neurologist. This resulted in months of testing with an ultimate diagnosis…. [ More ]

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Join Our Community and Make a Difference

Rethinking Dementia is more than just research – it’s community. If you have a compassionate heart and the time for volunteering, please join us in supporting our individuals with dementia as well as their family. From leading activities to respite care, to helping educate your community, it will take everyone working together to raise critical awareness to ensure an inclusive community for all.

Together We Are Better.

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