Rethinking Dementia was created out of a passion to support and empower the many people living with dementia and all the individuals involved in their care. We involve people impacted by dementia and use their experiences to help make decisions and affect change. Rethinking Dementia is here to amplify the voices of people impacted by dementia through advocating and sharing stories to help inform and inspire others. We’re changing what you think you know about dementia.

We are creating community, inclusivity, support, and new understanding about dementia. Our team works with the community to raise awareness, change perceptions and challenge stigma. We want to inspire a shift in the conversation about dementia and support people, local communities and organizations by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to make our society more dementia-friendly. Our group of professionals come from the research, academic, and nursing fields, working alongside those who have been directly impacted by dementia for a collaborative, thoughtful approach.

Everybody’s experience of dementia is different. There are different needs, personalities, and aspirations, so we listen and tailor our support appropriately. Our services are available pre-diagnosis and to anyone living with dementia, regardless of age, background or location. As a source of trusted information, education and support services, we advocate for positive change for people with dementia, their families and their caregivers. With these efforts, we hope each individual with dementia is able to live as well as possible.

We believe individuals living with dementia deserve to be understood and supported.





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