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Living with dementia presents some challenges, however, there are some lifestyle modifications that can help you live your best life with this chronic disease. Theses changes include attending to diet, excercise, vision and hearing wellness, fall prevention, heart health, and cognitve and social engagements. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) recommends a Medieterranean Diet which emphasizes plant-based proteins, fish, whole grains, fiber, fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean diet is healthy for both the heart and the brain. The NIA also recommends four types of exercise: cardiac/aerobic, strength, balance, and flexibility. Including these types of exercises help with heart health and fall prevention.

It is important to have your hearing and vision checked regularly and to obtain and wear assistive devices as indicated. Cognitive and social engagements should be tailored to the individual-just as every experience with dementia is different, so is the person living with it. Capitalize on indiviudal strengths, talents, and interests. This can involve volunteerism, the arts, particularly music, spirituality, and/or sports. Help us help others rethink what dementia looks like. Here are some inspiring stories that do just that!